Representative Engagements

Handshake on a contract

  • Bid Protests asserted and defended resulting in clients receiving the contract award or maintaining its awarded contract.
  • Bid Protests resulting in the Agency taking corrective, including re-evaluation, termination of the illegally awarded contract, and other favorable remedies.
  • Terminations for Convenience involving preparation and negotiation of termination settlement proposals including, for example (i) a partial termination concerning a $200 million dollar acquisition involving the Marine Corps; and (ii) nineteen (19) convenience terminations of nineteen (19) contracts awarded by the Air Force for components to the F100 series jet engine, eight (8) of which were terminated for default and later converted to a termination for convenience, following complex litigation at the U.S. Court of Federal Claims (Docket No. 02-1221C) and settlement negotiations.
  • Terminations for Default converted to terminations for convenience involving (i) appeal of contracting officer's final decision and (ii) representation of a  world-renowned global surety company.

  • Defended Civil False Claims Act and Criminal False Claims Act actions (with a criminal legal team) resulting in favorable negotiated settlements.
  • Prepared and successfully negotiated Requests for Equitable Adjustment and claims under the Contract Disputes Act involving multiple different procurement matters.
  • Appeal of contracting officers’ final decisions under the Contract Disputes Act involving numerous types of procurement matters, including for example an appeal at the U.S. Court of Federal Claims (Docket No. 98-110C) of the contracting officer’s final decision of Navy’s improper performance deductions resulting in settlement; documents in support of appeal produced in FOIA litigation at the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia (Docket No. 1:96CV02460).
  • Mistake in Bid Claims (pre-award and post-award) resulting in successful correction of bids and corresponding increases in the contract price.
  • Debarment Actions involving the successful representation of clients in defending against proposed debarment actions resulting in termination of the proposed debarment, including, for example, a proposed debarment action that involved ninety-nine (99) purchase orders.
  • Appeal of Negative Past Performance Evaluations resulting in correction and expungement.