What our clients say about Sklute & Associates

“I have worked with Larry Sklute and Sklute and Associates for over 25 years! His guidance has ensured my winning of countless government contracts and bid protests. He is exceptionally thorough, focused and I can always count on Larry to provide a top-notch review of the issues and very strong and correct recommendations. I cannot over-emphasize the impact he has had on my company. We win contracts (and protests) by doing business the right way - and under the accurate guidance of Larry Sklute.”

Client: B.W

“Larry Sklute’s persistent efforts to represent us in our federal government work, even though it seemed impossible, paid off in the end. Thank you Sklute team!”

Client: P.P

“As a government contractor, we have relied upon Mr. Larry Sklute’s advice and representation for more than 20 years and he has never failed to help us achieve a positive resolution to a variety of difficult legal challenges. He and his firm give us critical answers in a timely fashion and are always responsive to our needs. Larry’s skills as an advocate and strategist have been invaluable in good times and bad. We would not be in our successful position without Larry’s hard work and solid support”

Client: M.G.

“Larry Sklute provided us invaluable support in successfully navigating our formal protest of the non-selection to an Agency MATOC ID/IQ contract with a $1.5B contract ceiling. After our call, he immediately turned out our formal protest over a weekend, after reviewing the RFP Set, our proposal response package, and conducting interviews with key players that developed the proposal to generate a successful protest to GAO and the Agency. After Larry’s discussions with both GAO and Agency lawyers, we were promptly awarded the contract. This accomplishment is attributed to Larry’s depth of knowledge of Government Contracting as well as his enthusiastic professionalism in delivering a quality, and compelling protest.”

Client: R.G

“I highly recommend Sklute & Associates as they provide exceptional service. They took the time to understand our business operations and then guide us through the procurement process. They are responsive, sensitive to filing deadlines, and pay attention to details, all extremely important factors to us. We also receive constant communication with updates regarding our case. We have used Sklute & Associates for several government contracts and are very satisfied with the

Client: F.J

“We were privileged to use Sklute & Associates for our contract legal services. The firm's staff was extremely responsive, knowledgeable, and honest in their representation”.

Client: R.B.


“Words can’t explain how thankful I am to Attorney Larry Sklute, who is not only an amazing lawyer with great legal know-how in federal government contract law but is also an extremely nice person, who takes time and listens to your issues and problems to offer solutions. Every time I spoke to him, he gave me the best possible advice and the confidence I needed. Thank you so much Attorney Larry Sklute. I definitely recommend Sklute & Associates to all who need an attorney for government contracts.”

Client: E.P

“I highly recommend Sklute & Associates for any federal government contract disputes. All of the legal help at the firm did a tremendous job for our small business. We had little to no skills in government contracting, and Larry especially helped us navigate through an extremely difficult time. He quickly understood the technical side of our firm and translated that into the arcane legal issues that can arise in government contracting. I would highly recommend this firm for all your government contracting needs. From a satisfied CEO.”

Client: M.H.

“Larry Sklute has a great background in resolving federal government contract disputes between the private sector and the government. Our company utilized Larry and his firm to navigate us through the complex rules that govern the Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR). I would not hesitate to retain Sklute & Associates.”

Client: M.A

“Larry Sklute came highly recommended and was one of the best decisions our company made when seeking legal counsel. Larry’s extensive legal knowledge and understanding of government contracts became invaluable to our termination settlement. As a small business, dealing with the government can be intimidating and overwhelming. Sklute and Associates was a great equalizer. Our company was so fortunate to have such a great firm representing us.”

Client: H.H

“Our Company retained Sklute & Associates to help us with a government contract we had for 5 years. The law that governs these contracts are unique and are filled with pitfalls. Larry and his staff provided legal support through some tough times with the government. The firm never relented in protecting us and we appreciated his expert legal advice and counsel.”

Client: S.N.

“Larry Sklute of Sklute & Associates has been helping our firm (We are SDVOSB) for various unfavorable contractual action was taken by the government. Their service to us includes successful bid protest for the multimillion-dollar construction contract . . ., successful defense to show clause letter and potential termination for default . . . .”

Client: K.J

“Our company utilized Sklute & Associates a number of times in the past and they have helped us immensely with our government contracting issues. We have had both bid protest type disputes as well as job claim disputes, and Sklute & Associates assistance was invaluable in each of these cases. It didn’t matter what governmental agency the issue was with, Sklute & Associates have dealt with them all. We would not hesitate a minute to utilize Sklute & Associates for both government contracting assistance as well as claims.”

Client: J.D.

“Sklute & Associates is the finest federal government contracts law firm I have had the pleasure of working with. Their professionalism is unmatched and beyond reproach. They have handled all our corporation’s federal government contract legal issues in a precise, expedient, and professional manner. In addition, their knowledge of DoD issues and procedures is unmatched and is highly beneficial for companies doing business with the U. S. Military. I could not recommend another law firm that could provide the same professional legal counselor representation.”

Client: P.M